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Dry Shampoo Volumiser - Available FEB 24

by Juuce

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RRP $21.55
Juuce Dry Shampoo Volumiser is the perfect solution for individuals who want to extend their style and texture without the need for water or residue. The product comes in a transparent powder-based spray that gently cleanses and absorbs extra oil and buildup from the hair while adding volume, body, and bounce to all hair types. The product is formulated with UV protection that shields the hair from harmful UV rays and prevents damage from environmental stressors. What sets Juuce Dry Shampoo Volumiser apart from other hair products is its ability to leave the hair feeling clean, soft, and smelling fresh. The product is gentle on the hair and scalp, making it ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin. Additionally, Juuce Dry Shampoo Volumiser is made in Australia and is free from sulphates, parabens, and animal-derived ingredients, making it a vegan-friendly product.
RRP $21.55