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Bump Eraiser Exfoliating Mitt

by Caron
SKU CL0259

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As they say, prevention is better than cure. With the Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt, you have the ultimate tool to preventing ingrown hairs after any form of hair removal. The Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt utilises a unique blend of fibres that are made from Italian fabric. Ideal for use after all forms of hair removal and prior to self-tanning application, the Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt works by massaging away dead skin cells, thus improving circulation and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Regular use of the Bump eRaiser Exfoliating Mitt will help prevent hairs from getting trapped under accumulated dead skin cells, reducing the chance of ingrown hairs forming. It also comes with a handy shower strap for easy, everyday use.