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CND Scentsations Mango Lotion 975ml

by CND

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RRP $49.95
CND Scentsations hand and body lotions are recommended for all hands and body skin types. The Mango and Coconut lotion has a sweet, fruity scent. It contains vitamins A, E and the aloe vera complex. Playful and plentiful Scentsations come in many exhilarating fragrances, to suit every whim. These soft, silky blends are made to moisturize hands and body with unique, fun fragrances! Bring fresh new flavour to treatments with these delightful lotions. Each of the scents transforms manicures and pedicures into fun, personalized services. Limited-time only seasonal fragrances offer even more variety to each and every client. Clients will return for their signature scent or mix it up by trying a new aroma each visit.
RRP $49.95