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Lonvitalite Microneedle Roller Face Kit


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Our TGA listed, medical grade micro needling Derma Roller Kit is your one-stop-shop for a full body micro needling experience. Enjoy all the benefits from a head -to-toe microneedling device, in the comfort of your own home. With an appropriate attachment for the face, body and delicate eye and lip area, as well as a derma-stamp to target small, problematic areas, this kit offers professional, salon results at home. Kept in a sterilising tray, this comprehensive kit offers targeted, anti ageing microneedling, for all parts of the body. Made with medical-grade titanium, each attachment provides microneedles designed to treat specified parts of the body to boost collagen and elastin production. Rejuvenate your skin for anti ageing benefits by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, acne scars and stretch marks. As well as promoting hair growth on the scalp, beard growth and eyebrows. Micro needling at home can also help maintain your salon treatment results by extending your skin's collagen production process. The microneedle device also improves the efficacy of all your skin care products. You can expect some redness initially when derma rolling or if you have a more sensitive skin but it is suitable for all skin types. Discover what the hype is all about with this practical and versatile kit. For optimum results, pair with our Skinprove Serum containing hyaluronic acid however can also be used with other serums to improve their efficacy and absorption. Scaredy-cat approved. Lonvitalite Derma Roller - Microneedling made safe (and even fun). Lonvitalites Derma Rollers offer premium quality and visible results. Were fussy about quality. Our Derma Rollers are made with medical-grade titanium needles and are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). The Microneedle Face and Body Kit is TGA listed ARTG 309208 Need to know: Rolling is painless but you will feel a slight tingle when using the roller. You can also expect some redness initially when derma rolling or if you have a more sensitive skin but it is suitable for all skin types. It is important to replace your attachment heads after 15-20 uses or after 3 months. This ensures the needles remain sharp and effective. We recommend derma rolling 2-3 times a week ongoing for best results. If you are pregnant or have certain skin conditions (like eczema of psoriasis) or have open wounds/scars you should consult your doctor before Derma Rolling. You can use your Derma roller in conjunction with injection treatments and fillers. However, we do recommend consulting with your physician for a personal treatment recommendation. An easy and affordable way to improve your skin health whether in between appointments or if you are just following a simple skincare routine at home. Our derma rollers can be used to complement your salon treatments and extend the skin care results your therapist is working with you on. Derma rolling can also help you achieve results for your skin that you can do yourself at home. Our derma rollers are designed to work with whatever treatments and skin care you choose to use. Each attachment of the micro needling Derma Roller Kit works from head-to-toe: The replaceable Derma Roller 0.5mm Face attachment targets concerns situated in the deeper layers of skin such as acne scarring, rosacea, collagen and elastin loss and deeper lines and wrinkles. The Face attachment may also be used for males for use on the beard area for hair growth, also across the dcolletage to improve ageing and sun damage concerns. The Lips & Eyes 0.3mm attachment is designed to perfectly fit into the more intricate and delicate areas around the eye orbit and lip line. Fine lines and wrinkles around these areas can be softened, the attachment may also be used over the lip area for a lip plumping treatment. The Body attachment 1.5mm is versatile in the concerns it can improve. Concerns of the body such as cellulite, stretch marks, C Section scars, surgical scars, ingrown hairs, karatosis pilaris, lax or loose body skin as well as scalp for hair growth. The Derma Stamp attachment 0.25mm is great for targeting spots of concern such as pimples, blackheads, pigmented spots, vascular spots and the stamp can also be used in hard to reach creases such as laugh lines and nasal folds. Note each attachment clicks into the handle that is provided in the kit. Handles do not need replacing. Please follow instructions for how to attach to ensure the rollers attach correctly.