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Zen K5 Scissors 6 inch


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Its time to add to your collection. The K5 is one of our most popular models. These are beautiful to look at and perform every bit as good as they look! The steel: Handmade in Japan with a cocktail of VG10 + High Cobalt and Molybdenum make this a super steel SUPER SHARP and made to last! The style of the blade and the tattoo etchings on the handle make these scissors look like a work of art! The offset positioning make these scissors so comfortable to work with and incredibly comfortable to hold. Scissor over combing or any type of barbering is made easy with these amazing scissors. Deep point cutting and solid form all a specialty of this beauty. Use the rise in the spine for channeling and the grip slots for slicing. The k5 is a must-have in any discerning cutters pouch.